Monday, 18 March 2013

(solidarity poem to the occupation)

                           alt.s cutting sweat from eras
                                                                      of our objection
                                                                by degrees: economic quarry
                                                                to refigure loud
               yet under general / conception,
                                                                categorised interaction of knowledge-process
                                                                mutating to product absolute / operates /
                           interwoven to vacuous speech &
                                                                              newsmedia content where
                                                                              the latter sublimes the need of response; yet

                                 here, to overcome these exact atomisations
                                 & political lethargy endemic
                                              / protest formalised as a negation of action & cauterised possibility
                                              / critical of harmonic speech acts / the embankment /
                                              inverting historical emotive & response;
                                                               demands maintenance of foresight : who cleans
                                                               our congress? who works the serve of stimulants &
                                                                  embodied necessity? who is
                                                                  responsible for the basis in/or external?
                                              who is shaking hands in the name
                                              of a dynamism we retain the ability to halt?
                                                                     the various mediums of limbs to this cell / potential
                                                                     point of reverse / the economic imperative to make               
       the process of education unmanageable
                                                                    / the seizure of productive space / where we
                                                                    are recuperated / in temporal reverse,
                                                                    historical lineage disarming threat / where the
                                                                    'factory / shut it down' phrase is a stand-in for this
                                                                    necessarily total action //

to refuse simply symbolic value is to remain
within the logic that subsumes us
                                                    into the education market
                                                    / bonfires & farthings / the
                                                                                               spitting heat
                                                    of smelted currency,  it is 6 degrees centigrade
                                                    / payments delayed / dissolves spring snow / the
                                                    market spread divided by speed-circulate
                                                                                                                    // or slogans
                                                   on amazon / the barricade blocks the university
                                                   opens the strictures / arrest in our thought / the
                                                   demonstration must consume campus / to reorient futurity
                                                   / history,
                                                                  smash the schism of participation & control :
                                                                                 free speech as the mythic conditions
                                                                                 encourage empowered belief, that only
                                                                                 escalation may fulfil

February – March 2013

Friday, 8 March 2013

mute exterior intimate & readings

new chapbook
'mute exterior intimate' out from oystercatcher. something like Broadcast's 'Haha Sound', brighton - hackney curvature (oct '010- march '11), brow patter, winter sun graze, chorus gulls, a sofa in a house of poets, etc. Much Thanks to Peter Hughes. Also to Joe Luna, Robbie Dawson & Tim Thornton.

£5.00 A5 24pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-55-8. available at Oystercatcher's website, or bug me at the following readings. three poems from the sequence are online at 'intercapillary/space'.

four readings ::

Sat 9th March / Starcrusher Night, Cambridge
songs poetry noise and film :: Sean Bonney / Lisa Jeschke / Verity Spott / Ian Heames / Nat Raha / Tomas Weber / Jeremy Hardingham / Business Lunch / Ollie Evans / Cambridge Improvisers / & the world premier of Klaus Kinski Erloser
Judith E Wilson Drama Studio, English Faculty, West Road, Cambridge
7pm till late

Tues 19th March / The Blue Bus
with Carol Watts & Gareth Farmer
The Lamb, 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1N 3LZ
£5/£3, 7.30pm sharp

Sat 23rd March / Runnymede International Literary Festival
poetry readings from Prue Chamberlain, Jeff Hilson, Drew Milne, Redell Olsen, Frances Presley, Nat Raha, Sophie Robinson, Will Rowe, Simon Smith, Lydia White and poets from the Royal Holloway Poetic Practice MA
Centre for Creative Collaboration, 16 Acton St‎, London WC1X 9NG

Wed 27th March / Xing/Frassing the Line: Angel Exhaust 22 Launch
Rhys Trimble, Steve Fowler, Paul Holman, Alan Hay, Linus Slug, Nat Raha, Stephen Emmerson
The Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant, London WC1X 0AE
£5/£3, 7.30pm