(solidarity poem to the occupation)

                           alt.s cutting sweat from eras
                                                                      of our objection
                                                                by degrees: economic quarry
                                                                to refigure loud
               yet under general / conception,
                                                                categorised interaction of knowledge-process
                                                                mutating to product absolute / operates /
                           interwoven to vacuous speech &
                                                                              newsmedia content where
                                                                              the latter sublimes the need of response; yet

                                 here, to overcome these exact atomisations
                                 & political lethargy endemic
                                              / protest formalised as a negation of action & cauterised possibility
                                              / critical of harmonic speech acts / the embankment /
                                              inverting historical emotive & response;
                                                               demands maintenance of foresight : who cleans
                                                               our congress? who works the serve of stimulants &
                                                                  embodied necessity? who is
                                                                  responsible for the basis in/or external?
                                              who is shaking hands in the name
                                              of a dynamism we retain the ability to halt?
                                                                     the various mediums of limbs to this cell / potential
                                                                     point of reverse / the economic imperative to make               
       the process of education unmanageable
                                                                    / the seizure of productive space / where we
                                                                    are recuperated / in temporal reverse,
                                                                    historical lineage disarming threat / where the
                                                                    'factory / shut it down' phrase is a stand-in for this
                                                                    necessarily total action //

to refuse simply symbolic value is to remain
within the logic that subsumes us
                                                    into the education market
                                                    / bonfires & farthings / the
                                                                                               spitting heat
                                                    of smelted currency,  it is 6 degrees centigrade
                                                    / payments delayed / dissolves spring snow / the
                                                    market spread divided by speed-circulate
                                                                                                                    // or slogans
                                                   on amazon / the barricade blocks the university
                                                   opens the strictures / arrest in our thought / the
                                                   demonstration must consume campus / to reorient futurity
                                                   / history,
                                                                  smash the schism of participation & control :
                                                                                 free speech as the mythic conditions
                                                                                 encourage empowered belief, that only
                                                                                 escalation may fulfil

February – March 2013


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