day's cuffs / saturate content of subcognate, just
                            a dream in my
police formations replaced prime hour cultural aliens /  
                                                      television saturday, to clampline neoliberal apparatus
                                                      sections our demo forms :: the opposition of anti-fascists
                                                      denoted clear in hours of our
                                                                                                   document / fixed electronic
                                                                                                   south east border towns /
                                                                                                   debit cards & private ability
                                                                                                   assessments --
                            our potentials in the
                                                            language of totalitarian computers,
                            domestics precarious in the undercut, ukba
                            enforcement in lewisham, billboards & cinematic
                            imperialism / abnegation
                                                                   of male faces in the smug wet
                            / petal of the shard workday 7.11P.M. spectral officer formations
                            of night hours wails fixed into & from our throats [#] secure
                            underground stations & canteens, strip vitality sonics

                            saturated city space protest w/ capital fuzz investment, the
                            english defence against tower hamlets, dead radio signals
                            news channels, negating state violence / class & migrant
                            history, the pale arms of
                                                                  rupert murdoch / rhetoric identical outstretched
                                                                  evening silent drains of custody blood, deskilled
                                                                  contemplative possibilities in common words
                                                                  abandoned flags of royalist / ketamine, multi-brand
                                                                  made in britain / ready-to-wear exports kettles   
                                                                  nerve gas, the great fires of brixton & tottenham, the
                                                                  police kidnapped at cable st / investment capital theft
                                                                  ,  reversals of the everyday [#] dispersal bailed
                                                                  winter since 1979 //
                                                                                                  [#] action absolute now


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