radio & the threat of origin

                                                                    [between kettle & desk :::

        mind landfill cultural
                                        residue : inverse,
                                            ideo-popular love with any pleasuresong
                                        false innocuous,, ,,
                                                                     spun exchange, contained to thought:
                                        to transmit any available home / individual
                                        magazines, television, billboards,
                                        docuproducts, lifestyles, borders   ,  agents--
                                                             newsmedia profits, suburbs & constellation
                                                             towns, mailboxes, common norms of feeling
                                                                            racist mobility

                                             internalising & such objects / police reality
                                                                                                                conservational //
                                             address refused / workplace / claimant / commodified
                                             immigration gate
offset ---

                                                             patrol saturate / transformation of
                                                             each to & fro nation & capital. the
                                                             efficacy of outrage.


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