“George Osborne, god of love, we have spurned beauty –”
~ Sean Bonney

conservative love = the absolute colonisation
                                         of the social senses.
                                         political sedation
            bestows the being-subject onto partial us,
            impelled stakeholders. queer life privatised
            in a moment of
                                    subcultural needs / surplus on the
                          back of affective provision, where our
                          qualitative use of the marriage-form
                          is legitimate only
                                                    through its exchange-yield;
                          where our possible love is depoliticised
                          as multicultural inclusivity girded from
   bone capital/
                       where LG(bt__) is a series of summerskills linear
   w/ new norms i.e. acronym sold to close down
   content / we extrapolated to financed change
   that negates us / bodies known through markings for
   happiness-as-refugee in the fetish trait,
   between the vow-thing & the
                                                happily ever consumed ;
                                                there is no talk
                                                                       of fucking here.
                                          the marriage-form
   weds economic selfhood
                                         freshly denies racial / gendered
   / sexual / disabled / unemployed abject,
   negated from perspectives as scrounger–  
   i.e. get married or get deported;
                       the crowd taught to only sight normal/other:
     the congregation is a pride parading to social conformity
                                     / g.a.p.-ad happily sold not to stitch
     / comprehensively spent regulate / the cruelty corporate
     liberal gay optimism inflicts on under-subjects
     / the happy coupleformal neoliberated
                                                through active material hate;
            no compare to material inequality, 1/4
            homeless youths still queer, of trans* subjects
            sutured to disclosure in the name of right:
            our gendered beingness extra-legal, of the
            strictured possibility within administered
            thought & the felt / boundary
            stray to political lockout / insufficient investment /
     capital-legit sociality negates the necessary of divergence.

george: lo! the wishèd day is come: we
announce the latest action to secure recovery;
that shall pinkwash the gays to usury of long delight:
that we value marriage socially and financially &
doe ye to usury of joy & privatised sexual pleasure sing,
on the back of material cleansing to which all
must answer with all its social consequences, & its
ring that I give to you, Iain, as a symbol of my love,
choosing to bestow austerity with you.
     all gays with garlands goodly well, buy
     this union
                 as image, public-corporate for my fayre love,
     of wealth and endless things          
     & goodly all agree with sweet consent, to this  
     commodity celebration of coupled norm. hark!  
     how the cheerful gays chant of marriage's praise,
     their recuperation in this world, fundamentally fair
            fair Austerity! shew forth thy vicious ray
            and let thy lifull heat fervent be,        
            for burning the scrounger beings &
            welfare state, with fresh lusty-hed, go
            to the bowre of my belovèd love; we enforce
            on our public three principles: growth, reform
            and sick fairness– ascending british enterprise
            & economic culture it needs
                                                      to win the global
            race in honour of capitalism; making sure we
            are all in it together;
now is my unending love all ready forth to come
in unbroken circulation: let this day, like all,
be myne; let all the rest bequeathed to you, Capital;
            the which the base affections doe obey,
            and yield their services unto your will;
      once seene your celestial, unrevealèd pleasures,
      wrought by your own hand, then all
      do wonder, and its praises sing:
      spread thy broad wing over my love and me,
      and in thy sable mantle us enwrap,           
      from fear of crises let no dread disquiet once
      annoy the safety of our privilege; pour
          your blessing on us plenteously, & your
      happy influence upon us reign–
      that we may raise a large surplus
      through the earth that you do long purchase
      saturated with market-grown happiness

david cameron: bless O Capital, that
Iain and George bequeath, may they ever
abide in thy transformations, together
in privileged unity, love, and happiness, amen.

george: Iain, conjunct to all desirèd lending, I
join our lives to this economic plan, of a
downsized state, minor democratic, of private needs
material, emotional, political, to be
its partner in life. to honour you &
not let the poor leech upon us through their sickness
& in health, nor other undeserving subjects:
migrants with their mischievous, numerous childs
they shall pay £3000 to enter our empire;      
NOR the disabled, whose need we sense not;
let no lamenting queers, nor the dolefull jobless,
pour foule horror on the pleasures that thee, Capital,
wrought, honest and faithful they must turn up
with a CV and look for work & only after the seventh
day shall they receive the minimum amount of money
     the law requires for life;
& the number of persons working for our public, esp.
women & northern folk, shall fall
by 144,000 in our next years of happiness & health
& we are to remove automatic pay rises simply
for time served to this public & these
are consequences of public investment;  & those
who do not utter thoughts in our language must speak
it or we shall not pay them.
                    plebs! go to your wonted labours this day
is expensive; we plague thee
            with the greatest unfairness
            & we dub this progressive government
                    w/ the pledge to plague thee today,
                    tomorrow, and always.   

iain: & George! my love, of applecheeks which the
banks hath corroded, I promise to join my life to your
counter-terrorism budget, that we may cut Muslims
from our biggest society, & having severed the equality
& human rights commission budget by 76% our love shall
grow sustainable enterprise through others’ sickness
and in health, especially the disabled
who shall be reformed back to work through common
personal independence payments & quantitative outsourced
health checks which shall eliminate tens of thousands of
pounds/persons; & we shall universalise them
& the underserving poor to workfair for 30hrs pittance,
& end all legal aid to the austere crises’d ordinary subject
whose demolished life quality will forever be
                                                                  their responsibility
 & cut £11.5bn from our public's tax purse that
                   shall disporportionately free the ourselves
                   & the richest, who have already purchased
on credit the marriage commodity here
in the city of westminster, its 20 year ad campaign:
abject parody / commodity-form equality, a fused
community of enforced economic interests
rightfully into which
                          all homos may crawl, beauty bestowed
from democracy corp., through these difficult times of happiness and sorrow, all the rest of their lives.       

                             george: my right honourable love
arysing forth to run their mighty race, clad all in white
some angell Iain had beene. he has
comprehensively won the national debate about
welfare, his balding head alike melted tight
currency, vacant eyes debase the poor, countenance
enraged that they
                          thieve his handouts, fayre man
garnisht w/ privilege's beauty! glorious w/ corporate love!
now available as rights-based sacrosanct
ceremonies that it may produce & sell
                                                        such endless matrimony
david: why blush ye, ministerial loves, at its exchange-value
             give to me
                             your hand in its pledge
             never had men more joy then this///

     in newsprint defenders of marriage say the darnest things, yet
     their fantasies are negatively realised as our
            impoverished everyday. NO PARTIES. NO PEACE.
            FIGHT BACK. ACT UP.

                           SCREW NEOLIBERATION:
                           START A REVOLUTION.


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