affective dialectics: first treatise


                                    calender recoils inevitable
                                                                            convergence from relational
                                                                            / desolate arterials' negation.
         residue threaded in to taste of histories, the
         privacy of present(s) which
         heteronormativity decisive a thrall/yours
                                                                        to saturate body , framed by
                                                                        front door of house site.
                                                to politeness , I
                                                                        breathe ambivalent ,
          conversation brushes the head / london
          distinctly bright-autumnal, light heat embodied
                                                                                   / lacked across coordinate months &
                                                                                   feeding pleasure in this levity,
                                                                                   its former state reified as the absent, failed
                                                                                                  queer want turns
                                                                     to the love poem ,
                                           "impossibility due
                                                                     to the financial district, globally (re)producing
                                            wiry verbs between those who cohabit &c.
                                             / site stable
                                                               for emotional growth, pleasant
                                                               through the ease of contention".
          composure dissolves as hands slip the skirt
                                                                            upon nerves sold primitive to clothe them,  
                                                                            prevents reciprocal affects from the brim I
          do not own the necessary hours to articulate the comms neurosis
                                                                            condemns in the ease of mobility


                                                                                 social laylines
                                                 to grasp / dissonant
                                                 between the uttering bodies’
                                                 conceptual orient of praxis–
                                                                                 the curve of energy from unifications
                                                                                 of want over read ease of the given:
                            let electrostatics pursue duality
                  in relational nebula / hands stringing
                                                                           to concrete / dynamic, open access
                                                                           as springboard,
                  where “access” rings attentive to class / bodies ,
                                                                                              please do not
                                                      take your eye off alterity ,
                                                                           or the firmament that structures their years
                                                 there is much to maintain eaches through cutting
                                                                           much breath construed possessive;

                     the stale hang of being-drag upon the material statutory;
                                                                           much that could be began / no leaves
                                                                           to render us lavender.


[“The ideas of pride and statue very rightly go hand in hand, and with them the idea of massive stiffness”
                                                                                                                             ~ Jean Genet

                                                                                            you: immediate,
              inflect cut of the beautiful diverged /// ideational
              sites pivot to exchange
                                                 of energetics 'cross the embodied
                                                 / fingertips to eye to abdomen fires  
                   uncritically / in the
                                                 positivity of the pleasurable
                                                 cf. state-sanctioned shudder toward the beggar-phenomenon /
                                                                                            mass-k-hole romance of florid
                                                                                            high-def. absolute, the purchase upon  
                                                                                            modern fantasy;
          cut identification from affective colonised / i.e.
                                                                                   contradict its framing to
                                                                                   accepted norm; emotional deprivation
                                  grates possibility of content / material boredom
                                  keeping to tears exhaustive
                                                                            toward its morrow;
                                             frayed beauty of the
                                                                            digitally mediated romantic sphere
                                   where the autonomous individual / constrained absent
                                   or in demise
                                                      may direct participation / autonomic to reject
                                                      / part-pleasure in image / by categorised description
                as a new relational norm
                                                      profit cupidity rescribes social realm / numerous product-
                                                                                                            subjects onsale at the//

                        in wanting to throw arms
                              into consummate the
                                                               loss of ground cognitives you
                       cannot consciously render
                       legible / sensuous ; I long
            to write
                       to you but capitalist labour is occupying most of my ‘is’ / decreasing  
                       possible thought &
                                                     the content of activist address / institutional
                                                     form offered to reified sexes / which we
                                                     try to negate out of necessity / against the
                                                     basis of our atomisations ::

                                                                     cut identity by the common ease of social belonging
                                                                     frames process of knowing itself / hierarchical
                                         elides uncommon  
                                                                     circuits of want also stayed in the
                   safe knowledge of physionogmy
                                     / fuck glorious sub/cultural positivism / ideal :  
                                     practice seperated from the possibility of critique /
                                     casual exclusions at the basis of interaction / e.g. the
                                     trans/feminine / qpoc body barely respires in such spheres; idealist
                      first person movement detached
                                                                        from historical totality of queer need
                      reaffirms wealth & liberal borders, its privacy
                      & pretty cottages, over
                                                the cost of sick leave / inflated brickwork / bedroom tax &c., the
                                                everyday as debilitating / obstruct emotives,
                                                the £20k wedding & police transphobia, self defence  
                                                & the prison/asylum industrial complexes,
         the exchange-value of rights & the neoimperial state,
                                                                                          the absence of capital, socially
                                                                                          necessary to materialise sovereign,
                                                                                          embedded in its reading of the body ::


              to run caresses under bureaucracy
                                                                     coerced identical / our titles according to the dwp /
                                    that we know systematise socially-secure
                                                                                                  cf. the press of stomachs curve
                                                                                                  fingers 'cross flesh the give 
                                                                                                  /sensate uneconomic bar the joy
                                                                                                  in tongue your / arm clutch
                                                                                                  about abdomen & up to
                                                                                                  breast the body erotic we carry
                           back to overwork in our wage exploit fixtures
                                                                                                  if even these;
                                              quells our hours for art / to draft
                                              diagram selves through / as pleasure frays w/ the pre/
                                                                   occupations framing hours we might live in,
                                                                   distracting attentive such that the situation throttles /
                                  causeway emotives cling through body
                                                                                              jarring rational moment-allocate//
            where inclusion opportunes the above yet neutralises
            the politic of
                                this embrace to pleasant ease / its histories erased the
                                                                                                                   amnesiac social psyche
                                     slices detail of the lived / outsider want materiality


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