To Vladimir Mayakovsky

        objectivities :
                              enclosures momentary, the reproduction
        of quietude plugged 
                                       to relief, contingent.
                                       telegraphics historical to this homestead
now dazed off emissions, the daily
                                                      grounded upon wreckage
                                                      of common relationals,
shipwrights from surface, spontaneity, “friendship as a way of life”.
                              union fails you to bullet.
                              beneath concrete & glass...
                                                                         the logic upon my
                              lover fetishises her beauty, leaves.

        to break the capital’s substance / doctrine of bliss & suffocation
        indexed by ring & other, we might wake in peace.
the continuation of raids, the price of bread
                           & whisky, etc.;
                                                   wornout in the circulating hours

26.11.12, 00:04


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