untitled political tract


                                                                           reify yur gender: to symbolic
           read down to genital-norms, trans* dyke
                                                                           et al. equated to airbrushed magazine imaginary  
                                                                           non discursive
           where we are a tyranny implicit to female borders // immigration under neocons  
           [trigger warning] / in likelihood of verbal / systemic abuses
           as a cultural arbitrary &/or blotted to liberal
                                                                                 legal tenants /slash/ murder; the
                                                                                 violent circumscription of the real
                                                                                 less checked than our
                                   multitude performances, that
                                                                                 may or may not destabilise subjection  
            body’s potentiality intersects variable contentment levels; or                   
                                           narratives rendered through medical ciscentricism; or
                                           a basic sustenance permitted; or
                                           unintelligible through lacklustre pronouns of the daily/
                                           radical as marred top-down elitist police cordons//


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