poem written ahead of Brighton pride / community pride

____________of sky frame
_____________________ secure contractive in private def.
____________hung into its relation:
_______________________________faux total equates to fracture / loss to
_______________________________desire generalized normative
_______________________________by historical / conscious
__________________________________________________ to minimal our ;
________________now ‘fun’ mirage retails us & politic out,
____________________________ tag hung buys equality / in
________________parade’s spacing __ [supremacy partial
____________________________ as ‘allocate’ over ‘claim’

_______________________dreamt the market couldn’t comprehend
____________________________________& cried sickness to noise
_______________________of each I can now love.
__________________________lips vault percept standardised, the
__________________________margin we copulate & opens emphatic
__________________________to desire’s scatter / beau resignified:
__________________________sprouts in refuge zones from paradigms,
__________________________from condition


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