light hung 340 days about inhabitation
________________________________its otherness actually just
exterior to
_________economic / social an existive condition outlaw’d claret
ideal. within it you can witness your own victimisation live by a
____production you’re obligated to license; it will be republished
____across national w/ a
lone echo of this space confined to
blogroll the
_________ guardians true to normative, the
_____________________________________pitchforks are
metaphysically speech cleaved
_________________________this breathing’s exige, or health
unabated, oppositional to relations enforced they
_________________________________________ cyclic, erased
at the 19th floor or less,
soil chokes / aim’d beneath / to abolish
__________________________________ignorant /neo-paradigm
____dwp / set the lapse & note non-thaw
__________________________________ extremities / our
____/ fluid vitals / as graffiti / temperament



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