from '(after Osso)'

‘basic precess’ion trails night chime, skein
accompaniment paused on outcry. Stray
tweaker lamp hounded to fingerless /
_______prebranded organelles
_______now w/ two strike,
cocktailing mute courthouse “place trill
oboe with basic climb, 5 spoke”
___________________________our modern

post-residence to viciously thrown dusk lions
disrupting zodiac minus great revivals,
mistrusting both indicators.
arrangement perfects an epicentric
amusel, toxic subway breathing continental
rehash on the corner, interpretive voice
androgyne __the string itching
_______like dry peanut vendors.
_______four dashings
cracking glass harmony by syncopated
lamplight: _remove the galleries on 57th
& prep counting __they can’t leave you
waltzing & recollecting in mere monochrome,

yapping fingers beyond barriers, expansive
w/out benign expressways, cut it
_______the cellist grasps entities
_______for she recites the warm of 1700
_______taxicabs, swarming pavement carpets
_______& the deduction of geese
_______struck by holographic downpours.
hold the D, hold the altitude _, walking gesture
under-prosed amongst planetary phenomena
recalling St. John. & Kimberly, _tin can
connective– _would you relish this melody
for your young eyes? hang mirror _ motif
far from Hudson duck boat climatic
to district hall _imitating reprised
aural transcending glare _onto cluck
_______“have you thought of the
_______reproducted note detailing
_______a century’s thrive in 4/4?”

fleet of warmth feeds aesthetic causeways
& lanes transferred _ to present inexperience
/ windowarches / peoples friend. _ oxygen.
____passage.___four still in treble construction
skimming incisor.___separation.
recollect glitch-hard.

here is your vessel,___darling,___right by
the year of the dog, revolving quietly.


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