from '(dominant triangular)'

eluvial fissure feeding hung predicate
as quarter-point siblings
represent A-roads.
________________this flatland,
see-saw installation at 10.21 _adjunct
to departure board: _frayed breadcrumb
shimmers & informs vacant step prognostic
of his taming / requirement
driven by interstitials
wiring earwax to taste buds. her blue
countryside condemned & woven
______________like 2π multiplicities

dust foam / embraces her shot
revolving mute: _accompanist
calibrates five-spoke
though her perplexity surrounds motive lips.

hands décor _strived to Leicester Sq.
emanate celery for
precious disapproved constellations,
a campfire forum of soaked Americana
freshly e-bowed. _elsewhere, she is spiced
& infected
________ w/ co-generation hebdomadal
line closure hooking weeks to knead her
dry coulombic inflex;

apologies:: we inhabit
& preserve both microcosms ::
the second spun prior.


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