Saturday, 14 May 2011

_________________________ _)))) concerning dissidence:

_____ our / hoarse vital bartering a
_____ means-ends exclusion
______________________ exalting it poor & tiring equus
_____ its gentleman at wagon
_____ _________ ________armed w/ weaponry outlawed victorian.
_____ _________ ________the news
________________________))))_ _ according to corp:
________________we are the face civic vulgarity, employed beyond
________________morality’s declaration, obtrusive
_________________________________________ to the selling of the state
________________already twelve months of happiness

_____________________________________we, undesirable entirely–
_______________________ presently historic to survival’s ideal:
_______________________ hellenic strike giving purpose to transport / the
_______________________ beautiful language of our time in loudhalers
_______________________ before the bonfire the
_________________________ _____________ _corpse of the state
_______________________ / vibration is newculture & my throat hurts insolent
_______________________ in all attempts to find joy it is the new revolutionary
_______________________ weapon driving the MET out of our heads the
_______________________ paralysis of neo-liberalism
________________________ ___________ ________inflation will not
_______________________ be a threat comrades: thatcherism
_______________________________________________ __ a synonym
_______________________ for erosion & failure to find work;
________________________________________each day’s new offensive


Sunday, 8 May 2011

nine lines after A.N. & T.R.

china clutch
_______ __toward clarity, weigh on lip & 
curves dispersal to 2nd & third scent exo
_______________________________ relieves adenosine in
draw, desire sate, activity pressing you for speech
yet morning slow serene us & you
tip legitimate
__________ / det.|productive|:
__________________ambient to denizen
_________________________________comf in the sprawl lived
__________________cognate by, that
_____________________________._arms us as danger (gladly) we or
__________________I (or we) long the fracture; envelope by create
__________________enter fleck sand starts to build
_________________________________________ claiming presence from the daily

Thursday, 5 May 2011




london letting the neck-breath / splitten
_______________________________w/ drawn light. answers
________________________greensprung, reminiscent in riches
________________________entirely ours in the cusp:
______________________________ give it to balmy, or
_____________________________________________adrenal by synapse

towards public / unused for the discipline absent
_____________________________________________________________ or inaccess

____________lamp nurse in seaward
_____________________________ ambient to curve capital it’s
____________edge raising our closeness as percept
________________________________________ corneal, how no day will stilt;
____________apologies cleanse in fracture, worn
_______________________________________outward from pivot glimmer
____________to venture:
________________________relinquish sepulchral
________________________“that love may
___________________________________ live" past braver & depreciate our I’s sparsely ;

___________________________________ era particular / embracing the waking haze:
___________________________________ spin intonation from its feed, dare
___________________________________ to exhaust, to bring hours’ bliss
_________ housing
_________ ______equals art smears__ E9: yards
_________ between decades minimised need you
______________________________________ glance singular the
_________ barbed fence catch 60s plastic
_____________________ ___________ to seal you from potential
_____________________ ___________ damages they thrive
_________ _______________________ local / afford the damp
_________ _______________________ cut high-density.
_________ overcast permanent
_________ this postal code cognition
_________ domesticated: graffiti
__________________________ erasure prior to even opportune
__________________________ only echo of radios or youths
__________________________ in self-parody
__________________________ / an inscript dialect
__________________________ throats empty w/ trade names
________________ _________________________________ & popular tunes
__________________________ the brickwork sublimates:
____________ these source comfs will feed flesh / photoreceptors, impacted
____________ as piecemeal topography the chief
_______________________________________constructors curate
_______________________________________the future-pejorative
____________ to recode the human-spatial
____________ the sense-impart to resident: hi-individual ‘you
____________ may discharge your wearied
____________ thoughts by skyview,’ in
_______________________________nouveau / streetlit monolith
_______________________________/ higher you needn’t
_______________________________prole out resolutions your
_______________________________television source enough
_______________________________alls will is blue / sky.