(towards modern lovers)

“we have been administered a kind of political sedative –
we get marriage and the military and then we go home and cook dinner, forever.”
~ Lisa Duggan

in nerve’s fluoresce in
.______________drive forefronts embodiment vocal
.______________& eyeing !negation!
._____________________________‘gainst sublimates of systemic harm
._____________________________/ sucking common for its fixity / borders
.______________us impossible
._____________________ ___ever ejecting ‘the new apolitical correlate’;
.____________________ ____to externalise incoherence as mobile pyres for
.__________________ ______rational we
._________________________________sinthomatic declare redundant; or our
._________________________________breath held in exhale unattainable
._____________________ routemast fumes to wash up, perception
._____________________ to seek / call out liberal in specific:
._______ topographic element nauseating by glass, flyposting
._______ ‘social conservatism’: “[echoes] the problems of
._______________ modernity” “frantic nostalgia for [faux lapsed] comforts”–
._______________________________________________ where, obliged,
._______________________________________________ we figure love respectively
._____________________ __ erotics singing themselves away
.____________________ ___ from brush strokes prior to direct action ,

._______ to clasp palms to roast nectar / collar held, might
._______ induce the restful before dereliction
.___________________________________ carving ‘tecture f’ light more
.___________________________________ expose the separatist corp ‘gay-friendly’
.___________________________________ vainly failed to erase, act ii
._________________________ ______ .________________________perquisites
._____________________an arrow in the side of inclusivity
._____________________asks to start by
._________________________ _______ exposing our
._____________________physical indeterminancy
.________________________________________outside 14th floor tower bldg se1 7nx;
.________________________________________22 old queen st sw1h 9hp
._____________________& reconsider our potentials, our circulation




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