Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I only know how to bat ._if
this coil tensile recovery strays–
pattern noir definition, an ∫skein
(in situ) drawn index,_clue accented
around southern sip / percept/décor;
having gauge trace evident
the prong dined by you occupies, ease
in the grape reducing me garrulous.

temporal slippage: October,
london here threadneedles aesthetic
tremble through to marrow, nauseate
the wastage /sq ft or shield invite / glare:
keep your polished hands in dismount–
to need to trust air / percentage scape


Sunday, 24 October 2010


October's finale is already afoot. Fortunately, OPENNED is back this coming Wednesday (27th) - 7.30pm at Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle, London.... its free and features readings from Allen Fisher, Tim Atkins, Sarah Kelly, Jonny Liron, myself, and a whole load of great others reading in the final section. Details at http://www.openned.com/upcoming.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

current livid w/ denigration hunched common, reliant by

______________________________________colloid hang, scrapes w/
______________________________________tense point-inflection

_______thames is hum liquid of our
_______sickness splitt[ing] visual, a
_______constant to throw tyran , bat
_______punkture: environmental class
_______stated to long alleviate
_______reduction /hr
_______the two .active. hackney revol
_______meter of this terminus is foreign & public
_______w/ severed .informatives blitz out of weight/
_______mentality/scissored/press/re/distribute, it is
_______21:39 school buses hey landscaping convention
_______an ATM . passivity dries off escherichia;
___________________________ 'polis a red route we
_______unshielded on bicycles .condensed ascorbic

in solidarity, 04/10/10