Saturday, 15 August 2009

for Sally Seton

exhalation, _velvet boisture
about temporary coverings / incident expansive
increments upon borrowed stature.
fresh-blooded summers wrapt to brown paper
pressed w/ dahlias & hollyhocks
reprise affections _ echoed ecstasy, descent
frocked white for sprung protection
twilit relics _ ruby _ drawn of dark French abandon
the only name I’d take to the top of the house.
tint _ bravado
Othello catching lock
& casting aside stone urn

your gasps like cotton animals
fingers as inevitable feathers

Sunday, 9 August 2009

lines crossed & Flotation, 22° (iv)

Firstly, a quick thank you to those who came to & said nice things about thursday, and to all those who couldn't make it but sent fine toasty regards.

State of Tauheed: If anyone would still like a copy of Notes on Tauheed, I would suggest getting onto the Arthur Shilling site with some haste as apparently there are only four left.

* * * * *

Flotation, 22°
Small cherries by delirious zen,__to have ye
tips vague intersection,
___destination visible & clampt trails
___winded by court & castleview.

Gratitude for energetics in knowledge’d collection,
corners soft to new river path, casting you
as a secure ethereal reservoir___where desires
___to sit out by open water
___w/out consumptions necessity
_____________________illustrating nettle backbone,
are reprimanded by some moat-canal.
capital boat purpose housing white eastern weeds
____________call stray to reasonable tertiary exchange

aside,___this displayed verb mimics
a mock-up fiction _of both your voice
___& academic___unchecked___singular___reference
as deconstruction entails disabled seasonal embrace.