for International Women's Day, from 'de/compositions'


                              on the vision of yur futures, ruptured isles
                              & defences, screamer
                              oil perished, again stolen, exhausted,
                              newsfragments of racial plunder
                              , two point
                                               zero empire the truth in yur
                              arrogant dreams is the structure
                                               of hatred
[ foul
                                               reconstruction of nation,
                                               pinned to
                              weapons & trade & borders & dissipate
                                               democratic mandate
                                                            [>/<]  its
                                                            bunting & treacherous flagscum
                                                                                                              , our
                                                            collective extinctions rapid
                                                                                                      ,, yur
                                                            intention & offerings of nationhood
                                                                    scribed on ancestral bones, our
                 served years, blood of lovers un-
                 derfunded hospital corridors, the
                 gems of our arms & care, that
                 the institutions backing yur voice will perish 
                 a day we burn into,, false
                 island decades scorched
                                          , a continual sequence
                                          of deprivations
                                                                 , passing imaginary
                                          for[c]ecasts & debts, quantifications &
                                          passport controls, grecian
                                                                                  offices, glass, detention & cells,
                                          musterpoints, emergency //

                                          we sew through the brightness / our
                                                                                      sisters &
                                          siblings , our: slippage attentions, the
                                          volume in our sonic eyes painted
                                          , scores & ankles
                                          caught boredom of dailiness, post-it
                                          semaphores drone
                                          the westport, 1.43 westbound g4s
                                          transport, our sharp &
                                          resolute beauty / distorsion
                                          on the neofash ordinary is unbroken
                                          lines & ignorance, jimmy
                                          baldwin & chalked rimbaud streets, every
                                          screech of fist & wardrobe
, insurrectionary
                                          teenage dreams from sweat & pave
                                          // communist heels, lived yur
                                                                                        contradictions, flying
                                                                                        false truth, the violence
                                                                                        of yyr wills & wage relations, we
                                                                                        work for yyr abolition continual

                                  we have come to remove, oh
                                              so beautiful / tended
                                             & the polished, waste
                                  seepage through boardrooms unwashed
                                  streets towering glass soot-padded
                                  , corners & clothes, w/here we
                                 seize the invisible behind yur flourishing , its racial
                                              & gendered distributions
                                  of labour & violence & surplus-value
                   what boomed the generation grown
                                               draining the spread of distribution
                                               ,,  rotting cities, we / here &
                                               queer / punch a local fascist

                                          ,, we withdraw yyr domains of vitality / produc-
                                                    tivity gap blesséd, spring light
                                                    attitudes , shirker lips
                                                    laid on her lovers, demand
                                                    obsolescent gloss / periscope apologist
                                                    towns, tended & forged
                                                                 :: our gardens drain its circulatory
                                                                 , its clocks, dinnertables
                                                                                                      // we stitch
                                                                 a new substance of time to
                                                                 be felt & demanded at all points
                                                                 , inaugurated / petals &
                                                                 thorns, the shades deepened of
                                                                                         our love & with what we
                                                                                         fabricate / shone our
                                                                                         vibrant threads
                                                                                         & cuttings daybreak
                                                                                         coats & clarity gorgeous
                                                                                         trash & décor shameless
                                                                                         fucking,, the
                                                              defabrication of their entire world granted
                                                              undercut all foreseeable days

                                                                                          [8 march 2017]



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