(winter is coming)

after Sean Bonney

what face of this dying nation, the barrel
of those water cannons, forms of dereliction
& greed / narrow victoriana / what
proposals would shred the sights of us [[,

dug cobble for barricade, ammunition
london as paris 1871
, leith as paris 1871 / as leith 1560, we
come here for bread, money, commu
-nisation, speculations on lesbian herstory.
                // the teachings of poets under electric dusk, camped in the squares of the cities::
revolutionary letters, how are verses made, the collected political works of O'Hara, Marx & Rimbaud. our temporary commons, the prettiest cuckoo, we notice the weather as we start to die [#

political prisoners sunk on the dole, condemned
to our own neighbourhoods, we political
prisoners, we benefit theives in the dream bodies blockading parliament square
, the spitting heat from the bonfire, the spitting heat from the kettle & horses,,
23 June 2016, 30 November 2010, 24 May 1988, 4 May 1979,
10 May 1940, 12 October 1659, date unspecified November 1381, the nightmares of our friends, political funerals in parliament square //

walk into the tower of london w/ your most trusted friends, only pay the £24.70 admission if you need too
walk into the palace of holyrood w/ your most trusted friends, only pay the £15 admission if you need too.

O those expeditions, invasions & expropriations, this decline & fall.

2019: our level composure, our blackest forms of joy. we, street medics, fucked-off dykes, we freaks, we the wildest objects of yur hatred;; we black & brown abolitionists, we radical transfeminists, we white queer anarcho-sydicalists, we who would burn marsham st, who would open all cages,, we have nothing to lose but each other

november frozen 2011, all
alarmphones on theresa's armaments. we
studious[,] antifaschita[,] stormed into new rhythms
, the melting point of glass,, yur scrap value £11,025
, the history of yur casual racist psyche.

sun streams in the night of the tottenham uprising, sun streams on the battles of southall & stonewall ; sun streams on the Mau Mau, the first war of Indian independence, the Haitian revolution // hottest ever recorded days.

what finales to this nationhood, its pomposity &
 fanfares , its acrid air & riot vans, its
im/possible control taken back. qomrade
, are you t/here? Did
you bring the cornmeal, did you
bring the brown rice?


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