Thursday, 22 April 2010


Harry Gilonis

Elizabeth Guthrie

Tessa Whitehouse

Alex Davies 'sail hulks' outside

an ongoing documentation of bits of poetryland and such, taken on 35mm film via my '70s Nikon, can be found here

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

more shorts

frustration points tow to ambulance
& London: I have a statue proclaiming
bed & black curls
accenting oak grove. Palmers / not in use,
a selection of street-lit trees crash distribute

Monday, 12 April 2010

from an untitled poem

this is a recent bit from something longer. I've been debating if it should have been an individual poem - I don't think it will be, but we can pretend so right here on this blog.

* * * * *

beseech this– serpent logic, persuasive bait-dangle
resurges an ’04 heroes echo: conviction by genre
projected past benign decade markers.
& if dualist-by-blood
must you keep hours w/ nightcarts? &fields
≠ namesakes. allowance as construct: scenario
patched inc. ergo burnt & fertile,


The Glad Fact

first pass.

coach-etiquette one-oh-one : hold lamentable synth via infrastructure, this two thousand eight metonymy for power & let me introduct an instrumentation / mobiles held by girlfriends facially re-credited to metropolis repetition. begrudge this duty-free concourse, [ & here : ambivalent / isolate ]
______. the high-way presented as a off-white elevated piece of headwear
______cop / Calcutta (colon) . specific meteorological hung particles diffracting
______ minimal collations of borealis & come SATURDAY , [slight feedback incision]
scene one-point-three : bicycles, foundation cracks [not, on this occasion, disrupted by heavy dub subwoofing in Haringey-now-officially-the-worst-council-in-London-but-thank-fuck-for-Fetherstone-on-the-ladder] & as elevation completes this cycle, enter Fringillidae : leopard'd & w/ red-brown-follicular-crowning. the suggestive convertisments around sarcasm are unfounded & truth dictates two passions : one alcoholic. cognition under three medications predicts euphoria , with minor possibilities (unrequited under this course) of incestual insect fantasies, relocating this seed-eating-songbird to ex-leather jungle space neither of us sense or discretely recall. [parking-lot / climatic media of minute-strung-vacancy / feed the weeding / dereliction of adjacents either acute or obtuse in angular construct]. the initial scene on the 'national express' via Stansted is faux-chalk – in-elemental under week specifically fed with a 'B' on an A-string. one.three : vaguely extending colleaguel connectives, digging incomprehensible_ palindromes & entirely independent of season: sonic providers doubled as ear-plugs, even by this remote hill-stationary levelling [laying backs @ / floors of scala / David, cease these diversions already]. generational hang___ & father, & auto-rickshaw'd pubescent exp. _ fed air-lain-left-drumstick. & this temperature, knitting nineteen-ninety-two & remarks Johnston, [socks / feet / lyricists : when considering these poetics , implying assumptive barricades & tone controls]. waning dichromatism amid our carotenoids relay multiple contentions of possibility : a) risk malaria [re:Hewitt] _ b) recurrence of transport / spine [/ organ / conversation ]/ the feasible second-hand masquerading or transcendent of decades _ c) act xxii½, scene y : reset open elevators, new backdrop, flute-inquiry & mismanagement of staff, though Fringillidae probably represents respectable divisions of media , in proving 75% more accurate than a common carrier pigeon [redundants now retired to Hampstead Heath, disrupting & surrounding luncheons {sand/mi-granes}. expires 31st. Well-versed in feed-stock limitations.