Friday, 22 May 2009

£5.73 p/h

It feels slight weird posting something about work at 5.30pm on a Friday before a bank holiday weekend.

* * * * *

2nd coffee data entry appoint appointment handover check inbox enter.
"could I do the training thingy please?
ok... *dept*... compulsory...wilderness Wednesday / Thursday / twelve with Rachel & Jazz & THURS-Day-twelve-TWO OPTIONAL?!-not-coming-not
hi telephone compulsory some are I spoke recently
to you (Barbara wants a room) "I’ve been told
no but I’m committed
would you rather have lunch from 1 ‘til 2 right?
my my always hang on seconds
for all for thinking so
in the next exactly your just R dot
I know, *laughs*, [note to self: sign wage sheet]
urrr I work here look I’m at working
sipping free are you working today
as long as, in a low voice, there's not more than
hello? in this one there are two gaps *hangs up*
carry conversation attentive holding wash
hold the line afternoon the board is behind
but in the front in the
J dibit I don't know hat I'm doing anymore yes.

Borrow, it matches your dress / smiles

The deflation in your monochrome supremebeing jacket
the ringing paused.
They won't, passive tone, they haven't been
for a year, they won't but they,
unfortunately the three authorisations
you could ask her as she suggested
she asked me to do this
you are morning tided over shadowed
timid like that weird one I met on the
3rd day / or day one of however hundred
your black resemblance, hair
in allocations in grant
grant if its coming
if they don't sign off
that’s just how it works
afraid (apologetic not fear)
you’re still passive in wait
& it works like sorry

I have the dirt on a former in-geist, though I am sealed
in thousands in non tens
though you shout cross meet

Friday, 15 May 2009

Assessment Pattern [final fragment]

Having delved into former relief patterns
I’ve come to understand the sinister bagging,
flail, waste cover daughtered in birthday
pass the guilds venom, third gravy independence
enroute telephone fear as gushing flaw grips toes,
you should probably drink more tea.
Quick turn check through curls, you
greater than half listening glad
as data organisation plane carpet edge.
Hard-hard electrostatic predominance
Ackerian intake, stabilised induction in raising,
beheld / lightness.

* * * * *

The final situation implicit meteorological,
extensive embroiding mindscape, nature
slice functionality | withdrawing, entropic law
application out of spheres, the exhaustive
operator soaking recanted circadian intersection.
A ringing application prior
truth: you are all but sympathetic. My liable absence
exponent with excursion, ladders in mixing.

Like said burial, educational resignation is of years
devote past, claw, museumproof on first flour
I have / technology / to avoid
stepping somewhere in London -
Philip is backing me developing
desperate optimism, you are fleeting
filthy sixties architecture you must be,
trowel something in acknowledgement
use for humour & expression
& invention, I cannot take
the bullshits alignment
out, dressed, as 2005
I wandered lightness freely
having since been the driver of
worthless casting onto modes washed.
Finale: strike you except in association with
click, excavation, brush dust lashes
slow opening without Gordon Street business.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Assessment Pattern [fourth fragment]

The knowledge in your new era,
in ideals of mental indulgence, later
lighting in discontent, apparitions and possible fates
a disturbance unfulfils my scarlet perception.

Bragg diffracting at zone boundary, conduction
on odd. Severe delays. Divining modernity,
privilege & generations melt in cut price scorching;
he is in the vicinity – sharp shaven –
an elegantly grown pro. I am not thinking of him
am I not. Characteristic scattering
though lowered post-theory aperture.

Slow cracking audible, elective wrists knotted
for undecided witness. If she is held,
if she had looped her reminding rules,
a noted post-it room as an adult / sunglasses / scaffold for durational vectors / counter inquisition / even glad hanging still /
on diminished returns let the complex hold her later identity over resonance mixed-state
“these situations are not to be humoured” / slipping back / I have shed / pragmatic & radiate fear complex.

My devices are no longer capable of sweet distant chiming,
as day-drenching anonymous after-hours cast persons
to traffic trade. Salt nectar scale wired in later balancing
ever, ever the decision preventative brow hold.

* * * * *

The Glaswegian ripping off a Monty Python sketch
involving realism, 16-tonne guilt
and an exponentially decreasing time-scale,
theoretical probability relationships have particular combinations
so far located, freewheeling black estate take biker.

* * * * *

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Assessment Pattern [third fragment]

Exhaustive whatever 3: self-subjected plague. The
agency age questionable, although
what the fuck were you thinking? Would guidance
have marked visible artefacts of able contribution?

The lantern cascade crossing back
to a delicate flat-brush, your magnificent easel
like coastal clutching delirious with unpronounced
allure / desire / light cranial kisses.
The wear of years knotting cognitives,
inappealing selection rules or you, flourishing
share my hand with summertime’s aqueous emerging.

* * * * *

(The make-shift academic shack, on
cleaving crystals, generate, (do) we (really)
want to know the election distribution) look,
Dear C., you have exiled / relation / barraged
like I was Edwardian, mare slave-makers,
this decent long withstood
one year due,
direction’d only out sand through sunken,
in case your memo junkyard vegetable nicorettte
branded you enthalpically challenged,
I’m fucking someone whose possibly worth
dSdH/dt^2. Aware of the final carnage
accent to monarchic lability, confidence
is of not you, not the mole-hilled
orchard (disguised as a vinery).

The genetic epicentre – a household
peace’d resilience at lowered aggregation.

’08, a flash on June 6th
Gordon Square
telephone handed to the 3.45 from Kings Cross.
Knowing enormity un-grasped. Wicked pause.
Attack sorbed organics. Androgyny through inkeeping,
gothic macroporous architecting misfortune
on canvas, intellectual / scientific doubt.

* * * * *

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Assessment Pattern [second fragment]

Exhaustive predictions 1.
Diminishing decisions leafed fleeting Holborn
gardenias. Business. Popularity lessening lunch-hour
beauty in redbrick courting corporate reflection,
bob-cut disappearance. The apparent humour
of his Ti-Chi spectacle. His hat his eminence
parallel, the belief of absence, merchant river
hot yard beverages, the potential of us / count
hours, out to shore edge,
caress summer colour-time promenade
frozen to flashbulbs.

* * * * *

Trailings: a breed’s essence
untoxicated, the tarnished detachment taking
a physical form, rising heated exhaustive
second coffee tapping anxiety onto comfort,
strip exposition feared herds,
sun on castle index,
lobe medicated. The frayed appeal
of past four dithering, Earthly concern condemned
from handsome foreground, “CROSS THE ROAD”
you may aswell pull a Malcolm Tucker. If Malcolm was
I’d bribe him to departmentalise the isochronic
prof. probably not note-worthy.

* * * * *

(A short pause of half-speed spinning
heads decoratively in 7/4 –
you collapse atop & laugh out calendar.
Attached soul-saver clasping, the cusp,
the inversion, elation coursing
your oceanic gaze).

A wash out. Slowly conjuring evening, the
turning third position noted
temperate, condemned creative
dashing reduction, tear’d morning cease
I cannot bare you, I cannot allow,
the idealised fiction manoeuvres forgo
acquaint further
to ensure negative seasonal potency -
provided our deduction accuracy -
doesn’t disable. A pragmatic pursuit.
Hedge plastic intermission, disarm fear
spectacle bringing concern –
Are you curves safer on diversion? increasing
ortho-traffic density.

* * * * *

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Assessment Pattern [first fragment]

The clock synchronised to white ink.
Orion’s unlatched ensemble deprecated -
Liberation imminent. Sunshine thrown cursive,
hand-held, neck inclined witness vehicle
dissipate, a silk-like scorching.
Liquid license seep, a soothing caress
of diminished calcinations. Evol. The
finest detail internalised, a lethargic watches –
puzzling (motorbike
growl out pillow) the fortune, required
priva odd Eisenhower. 34th.
The great historical condensed
compensation (gore / swamp additional).

Having planned an outhouse
& evening drift earl grey provision,
she frequents – ( briefly across
unresided tabled ) pair
synthesis / personal
progression I must pry
corrugate I must!

* * * * *

Sprung caffeine morning circling castle
birds, a caressing conscience –
muted / longing / fortune light direction
to rotating species. Luck seated
petty city fortune, remain evening decay
depopulating pseudo?cognitive states,
if we say illumination const.
we can radiate the same
conditions car alarm eight-twenty exhaustive
crunch reserve light out of vision,
express illicit magnitudes –
blood blue dependence simmer encouragement
withstanding lyrical. I was here
a year ago, fucked, inexplicably siren’d.

In exhaustion, I ponder
your personally seasoned hue, sweet
fluorescing sense daydream caress chromatics,
locked in a reciprocal space representation
someone long before belonging deduce,
the interlude unjust.

Casual omission of uses, the mean free path,
the requiring technique doesn’t cater surface
sensitive, curves minimal semblance
May-day to-do list:
Commend sibling resilience ( surprise | hurt
| years ). Light suggestion of closure.

* * * * *

His horrific distribution gets to me.
One thousand three hundred days (& nearly,
figures out) a fitting to his ruin two
______ who the fuck? Seriously
scientific Glaswegian caricature
the hilarity of his letters
______ “we hope” we? Why?
So you can take like Taxney?
unchronic perhaps sore.
Warfare prolongs poker antagonism.

* * * * *

Saturday, 2 May 2009

health - homeland - security

(For Tom – we are concerned)

Stock up on homeland security, we
shall give during this travelling alert,
traverse and avoid selection,
we don’t know of alerts or process
or alerts. I forgot your presidence
my alarm was set 2003
Canadian counterpart permitted procedure,
we conduct daily state governance
as we activate (aid?
Nobody will ask as our oldest friend

A sector, prepared (THEY ARE RICHER)
workforce guidance how to stress
continuance of common humanity
and washing
stay covered
stay home
leave only 7th as we coordinate clearly,
we generation of sceptics Look
three ways I have no time
too collect questions how does that work?!